Doing something new, like starting your own business, is intimidating enough for anyone. If you suffer from mental health problems, though, it can quite literally be a nightmare.

After posting yesterday that I needed to register with HMRC and the ICO, I spent last night having recurrent anxiety dreams about opening web pages only to find that none of the links worked and what am I going to do now?!?

(At least as dreams go this one makes some sort of sense. Anxiety dreams can be utterly weird – a few weeks ago I dreamed I was hiding out from a team of spies in a posh hotel, and got back to my room to find that they had already been there and had slashed holes in the ceiling. Waking up went from Panic! to WTF? in under 0.6 seconds.)

After all that, a brief bit of research today revealed that registration with HMRC is retrospective, so not something I need to worry about until next year, while registering with the ICO isn’t necessary at all for a small business like mine.

The takeaways from this little episode are, I guess:

  1. anxiety isn’t remotely logical;
  2. starting a business isn’t (quite) as complicated as it may first appear; and
  3. don’t try and hide from spies in a hotel. They will find you.




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