Hey look, a logo!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been noticeably absent since my last post about my struggle with depression. While I’ve been away:

  • After being signed off sick from work for a number of months, at the end of August I took voluntary severance from my employer so am now, as you may note from the text in the side bar, a former university employee.
  • I have started learning British Sign Language, because if words in one language are good, words in multiple languages are even better.
  • I have gained a rather lovely logo, courtesy of the brilliant Purplelily Design, which now features on both this blog (top left hand side of the page, if I’ve done things right) and on my Facebook page.
  • Perhaps most excitingly of all, I have my first ever paying client!*

The last point makes this a short post, as I’m being paid to write a report, not a blog, so I’d better go.

More soon, I promise!


*The subject of the next blog post is therefore likely to be the complexities of registering with HMRC, ICO, and various other essential bodies as an actual business. In the unlikely event that anyone from such an organisation reads this, I solemnly swear that this will be done within the next 24 hours.

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