Red Tabby update

I am aware that recently I have posted a lot about words, but nothing about the process of setting up Red Tabby Words: you would be forgiven for thinking that I had forgotten all about it.

Behind the scenes, though, things have been moving on a-pace.  I had a fascinating and very fun meeting with Tracy of Purplelily Design, who will be creating a logo and avatar for RTW.

I also now have a web domain and a Facebook page, although both are so much works in progress that I’m not going to share the links just yet.

Most importantly, I now have an email address: you can now contact me directly at

I have also registered with an online freelance agency,, which brings together freelancers in all areas with those that need their services.  Online reviews are a bit mixed – generally speaking, freelancers seem to like it while many customers don’t – but it’s a place to start on building a portfolio and reputation.

All in all: Red Tabby Words is open for business!


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