So much to do…

Having the idea to start my own business is the easy bit. Making it happen is rather more complicated.

Things I need to do include (in no real order):

  1. Write a business plan. A colleague at my day job deals with business plans as part of his role and has offered to help with mine, an offer on which I will very gratefully take him up.
  2. Sort out a logo and corporate identity (a topic for another post).
  3. Set up a website. Another colleague has offered to do this for me, but I’m intending to do it myself: I used to do web design in a previous job, and how much can things have changed in 15 years? (That’s a rhetorical question – it’s hard to think of ways the internet HASN’T changed in the past 15 years.*)
  4. Sort out a social media presence (again, a topic for another post).
  5. Work out important but mystifying things (to me, anyway) like tax and insurance.
  6. Will I need / want clients to sign a contract when availing themselves of my services? If so, I’ll need to draw one up.
  7. Make a formal declaration to my current employer that I’m going to be running a business as a sideline.
  8. Complete and pass my proof-reading course. That’s more of a long-term aim, but an important one.

There are probably lots of other things I need to do as well that I haven’t even thought of yet. I’m going to a meetup tonight with members of a local small business owners’ group: they all sound lovely online and I’m hoping they will have ideas of what to do first and what I might have missed.

For now, though, it’s back to the day job.

* Well, except for an ongoing excessive fondness for cat photos.**
**I’m a Terry Pratchett fan, so be prepared for footnotes in this blog.

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