Fire! (Or more pointless grammatical pedantry)

Over the past few months of unemployment I have had the chance to rediscover my old mild obsession with the computer game SimCity. There is something quietly satisfying about watching thousands of tiny, virtual people working, playing, and generally living their best lives, at least until zombies devour them or giant lizards tread on them.… Continue reading Fire! (Or more pointless grammatical pedantry)

Anyone for sphairistike?

With the weather forecast promising the imminent start of that perennial favourite British summer pastime, watching rain fall at Wimbledon, let’s do some tennis etymology, shall we? Tennis The obvious starting point is actually a slightly tricky one: the most likely derivation is that it comes from the Medieval French te’netz, meaning receive, a call… Continue reading Anyone for sphairistike?

Commonly confused words

The English language is a confusing thing, with words that are spelt the same – or very similarly) but have different meanings, words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings, and words that are very similar but have totally different meanings.  Getting the wrong one can alter the meaning of your sentence: this… Continue reading Commonly confused words